I've  been capturing moments through photography most of my life. I grew up in Delaware, and  immediately after college I drove across the country to San Francisco, where I had never been, knew no one, and didn’t have a job. I started as a photo journalist for magazines and newspapers, moving into fine art photography as I documented the people and places of my newly adopted city. Many years later, I now find myself inevitably exploring my curiosity about the strange world we live in.

In the Normal series, I want to introduce San Francisco to the rest of the world as a refuge for those who felt a bit out of place anywhere else. In the Vacant series I explore the alienation of abandoned buildings and abandoned psyches. In the Bad Behavior series, I force myself out from behind the camera to test and overcome my own shyness. With the Dolls & Dummies seriesI try to explain the allure of mannequins and dolls, who tend to mimic and mock humankind at the same time. His latest book of images is Lost Dolls, The Hidden Lives of Toys.