The design for this stunning California home managed to achieve net-zero electrical use and a LEED Silver rating. Energy use is 38% below Title 24 requirements, and an integrated design process delivered a superbly comfortable and beautifully lit home with many sustainable and energy efficient features, including:
  • Owner desired west (ocean) and east (valley) views; long east-to-west gabled ridge provides south-facing roof for 44 solar/PV panels to provide 100% of electrical needs; 9.9 KW
  • Concrete slabs and retaining walls provide passive cooling, no AC needed
  • South facing overhangs calculated to provide shading of glass in summer and solar gain to stone floors in winter.
  • Trellises at west-facing gabled ends, dining room and gazebo increase summer shading
  • Dual-glazed low e2 windows for high energy performance
  • Carefully located operable windows provide through ventilation that take advantage of prevailing winds
  • Thermostatically controlled exhaust fans dump hot/stagnant air from ridges
  • Ridge skylights, skylights and roof monitor provide interior daylighting to reduce need to turn on lights during the day
  • Stepped roof design provides R31 low VOC insulation over interior spaces
  • Radiant floors are zoned to provide optimal interior temperature control
The use of durable, sustainably harvested (e.g. oak floors) and recycled materials, local where possible (e.g. stone) give the house a measure of harmony with its environment.

A careful blend of interior and landscape lighting makes the majestic entrance to the house warm and inviting.

Indirect lighting frm the top of dramatic strctural beams is integrated with table lamps and a chandelier in a perfectly balanced example of light layering.

The beautifully daylit living room gives a deep sense of connection with the exquisite California coastal hill environment.