Residential Lighting, A Practical Guide, First Edition


Residential Lighting, A Practical Guide, First Edition


This insightful guide to the art and technique of home lighting design is published by John Wiley and Sons, and is now available and in stock. Residential Lighting is a nontechnical reference guide to creating effective lighting designs for residential projects that uses an unique, easy-to-understand approach called Light Layering. Packed with hundreds of informative illustrations and diagrams, this reliable book provides a helpful balance of the latest design techniques and tried-and-true applications. Before and after photos and day and night comparisons demonstrate how light layering uses the four functions of light (task, accent, decorative, and ambient) to illuminate both interior and exterior spaces.

A valuable resource for real-world practice, this hands-on resource offers guidelines for:

• Lighting a variety of rooms and landscapes 
• Assessing a client's needs 
• Drawing a reflected ceiling plan 
• Writing lighting specifications 
• Choosing materials
• Integrating natural light

Residential Lighting is a practical reference for interior designers, architects, and everyone working on residential projects where lighting is integral to the design.


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