Perfect Light in a Small Package

The Soraa lamp is compact in size but offers a great punch of illumination

The Soraa lamp is compact in size but offers a great punch of illumination

I've been following the development of a particular LED MR 16 lamp that is going to offer some distinct advantages over other similar products that are on the market. The lamp is made by a company called Soraa (

There are many things I like about this particular lamp. For starters, it produces more light than competing LED MR16s- it's a true 50W halogen equivalent in light output, as opposed to 20-35W equivalent from other manufacturers' MR16s. Next, it's a single source lamp, while most of the other manufacturers use 3 or 4 LEDs, which produce multiple shadows behind the objects being illuminated. 

The Soraa lamp is compact in size, but offers a great punch of illumination

The Soraa MR16 is compatible with many different types of dimmers and transformers and is virtually the same size as standard halogen MR16's, which means that they fit in to almost all fixtures that take an MR16 lamp, while many of the other LED MR 16's are too large to fit into a majority of the existing fixtures on the market. They also have a lifetime of 25,000 hours, which beats the pants off typical halogens, which require seemingly constant replacement. Considering this last point, they will be priced competitively, especially given the lower costs of maintenance, and of course electricity, as they use only 20% of the energy of halogens.

As you can see from the photos, they have a very cool form, which comes from an ingenious heat rejection configuration that eliminates the need for an internal mechanical fan, which some competing LEDs must use in order to operate at a high enough power level to get acceptable light output. 

But the real reason these lamps are starting to look like my new heroin is the amazing quality of their light output and beam spread- it's just about "perfect." (I'm probably falling under the spell of their marketing, which has the tagline "Simply Perfect.") Like they say in Texas, it ain't braggin if it's true.